So Write About That, Part #1

Riva Pomerantz

March 16, 2023
So Write About That, Part #1

Here’s a question I get asked a lot: “How do you make your writing so REAL? How do you get it to resonate so deeply?”
Because I’m such a nice gal, I’m actually going to reveal my secret here.

You see, conventional wisdom says: write about what you know. But I write about who I am.

I thought about this idea when my daughter, Batsheva, came home from preschool and began to jump across the kitchen floor. We’ve been working with our physiotherapist for about a year now to help Batsheva learn to jump, and finally it happened! The joy and celebration were off the charts.

I first wrote about our awesome Batsheva in Ami Magazine shortly after she was born with a surprise: Down syndrome. Parenting Batsheva has brought me to a different level in my connection with myself and has colored my understanding of so many parts of life that were out of alignment. As I shift, as my perspective changes, my writing grows and blossoms. Because I bring myself to the table; the person who holds the pen is in-flux and so the words are shaped as the writer is formed.

Which is why Batsheva–and all of my other children, as well as all the other parameters of my life, including my personality, my strengths, my challenges, my approach, my perspective, my relationships, etc.–they all contribute to my writing. Writing is an intuitive, organic process, a process all writers share. As we sharpen our understanding of our selves in the world and deepen our insight, the journey influences our craft and imbues our writing with new hues and richness.

So what is the key to producing writing that is real and authentic? You guessed it. It’s about keeping real and connected to our own selves. It’s about being open to growth and development.

Next part: What makes a good story?






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