You Can Make Impressive Fruit & Vegetable Platters!
By Leora Gruen

This course is for women only

COURSE description

Have you seen a beautifully-arranged fruit or vegetable platter at an event and thought, "Wow! I wish I could make that, too!"? Would you like to upgrade your own simcha or party, or even your Shabbos table? Now you can!

Whether you're just starting out and think there’s no way you could create something exquisite, or if you're the type of person who has a creative streak, this course will teach you everything you need for success. It's jam-packed with easy-to-follow tips and techniques for you to create impressive, decorative platters--for pennies!

You will learn what tools you will need, how to select the right produce, how to cut the fruit and vegetables into beautiful shapes and flowers, and how to arrange and package the final product fora professional look.

Fruits and vegetables are Hashem’s gift to us, coming in so many varied textures, shapes and colors. With a few twists and cuts of a knife, you can enhance their beauty. No guilt, no unhealthy sugar, no great outlay of money.

My goal for this course is for every woman and girl to easily upgrade her own table or simcha. Together we will create fruit and vegetable trays that are healthy, easy to make and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

I hope you'll join me! 🙂

What you’ll learn:

This course includes:
●8 easy-to-follow modules- 4 fruit cutting modules, 4 vegetable cutting modules
●Printable step-by-step guides for each module

Techniques for Fruit Cutting and Arranging
Module 1: Tools you will need, Selecting fruit, Apple and Persimmon Cut-outs
Module 2: Flowers and shapes from Kiwi, Citrus, Mango, Papaya and Pomegranate

Module 3: Cutting watermelons, melons and pineapple, Forming melon roses
Module 4: Presentation and Arrangements

Techniques for Vegetable Cutting and Arranging
Module 1: Tools you will need, Cucumber and carrot flowers, Kohlrabi cut-outs
Module 2: Pepper flowers, baskets and cups, Scallion tree
Module 3: Radish cuts and Cuts using specialty tools
Module 4: Presentation and Arrangements



45 mins





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Give the gift they want AND need!
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About the Instructor

Leora Gruen

Hi! I’m Leora Gruen, owner of STAR FRUITS: Impressive fruit platters for all occasions.

A number of years ago, I took a course teaching all sorts of creative, beautiful decor including
gift wrapping, cake decorating, buffet table set up, flower arranging and fruit and vegetable
carving. I gravitated towards the fruit and vegetable presentations. I constantly am reading and
learning new techniques. I enjoy standing in front of a buffet table just to observe its beauty and
creativity, not because I’m looking for something to eat.
I especially enjoy working with fruit and vegetables. The exquisiteness of Hashem’s creations
astounds me.
What began as a hobby and sending fruit trays to friends continued with writing articles for
children in Mishpacha Jr. and live presentations. It has now become a satisfying, enjoyable
What is great about this art is you don’t need prior experience or even special equipment.
All you need is some basic tools and willingness to practice.
I believe that everyone has the ability to express themselves creatively . Learning these
techniques will allow you to highlight your own events and bring joy to those around you.

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Give the gift they want AND need!
GIFT this quality course to a friend or a loved one!
You can include a personalized note to be sent to the recipient.
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