Write for a Living: R’ Nachman Seltzer!
By Nachman Seltzer

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Everything you wanted to know about developing a lucrative career in writing…it’s all “write” here!

In this frank, wide-ranging masterclass, celebrated author Riva Pomerantz interviews Rabbi Nachman Seltzer, author of over 30 bestselling books, and she pulls no punches! Get ready for some intense discussion about how to be paid what you’re worth, how to build your writing career from scratch, and how to stay motivated to get your projects done.

Here are some of the topics discussed:

What to include and exclude when writing a biography
How to research a full-length book
How to craft a routine that will ensure you get your writing done
How to get started–and how to keep the ball rolling
Can you really make money writing stories?

Step into the office and join the conversation for insider tips and tricks and plenty of inspiration. Learn from the experts to boost your own writing career!

What you’ll learn:



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About the Instructor

Nachman Seltzer

Rabbi Nachman Seltzer is the author of forty five books, including such classics as “Living Legend,” “The Insider,” “The Rebbetzin,” “Our Man in Jerusalem,” the “I Have an Amazing Story for You!” series, the “Class Acts” series, “48”, the runaway bestsellers “Incredible!” Incredible-2” and the much hailed “Zera Shimshon” series. He is a columnist for Hamodia’s Inyan Magazine with his true life stories beloved around the world. He is the producer of Visions – an album of all-English songs, the film The Edge, and co-producer of The Story Experience. Rabbi Seltzer received his semicha from Rav Yitzchok Berkovitz at The Jerusalem Kollel and teaches at numerous post high school programs for American students in Eretz Yisrael. He is a popular international speaker and can be reached for comments or regarding speaking engagements at nachmanseltzer@gmail.com

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