Unlock Your Roadmap for Growth with the Enneagram
By Dana Rosenberg

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The Enneagram is an absolutely fascinating, life-changing personality system that helps to understand the personalities, strengths and challenges, of both ourselves and others, in a laser-focused way. The uniqueness of the Enneagram personality model lies in its ability to take into account all the nuances that make up the complex human being. It also provides an appropriate road map for growth for each type of person.

The Enneagram is one of the oldest, most scientifically-validated systems and it can empower YOU to reach your goals and improve your relationships!

People today are struggling to find themselves and understand themselves and the people in their lives. There is enormous satisfaction in discovering some of these answers, and that discovery can help raise the whole level of quality of life!

As a certified Enneagram Life Coach, and with over a decade’s worth of experience as an educator and coaching, I’m pleased to take you on a journey in discovering your core personality- and perhaps those around you as well!

Disclaimer: This is an intro course which gives a brief overview of the 9 personality types, but in no way provides comprehensive information or testing to confirm a specific person’s type. As well, this course is merely a culmination of many resources and personal and professional experiences, and is meant to be a source to explain the material in an easy, relatable fashion. All materials and attachments connected to this course are private property and may not be copied or used without explicit permission from the author.
Spider activity in the class is from Enneapp.

What you’ll learn:

-The 9 personality types, plus the variations of each
-Ways to identify the types
-The Torah’s view on personality
-The ‘integration’, or healthy direction of movement for each type
-A clear understanding of the need and benefits of learning personality structures



2.5 hrs
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About the Instructor

Dana Rosenberg

Dana Rosenberg, MS.Ed, is a seasoned educator with over 15 years of teaching experience. She also trained as a certified Enneagram Life Coach IAC and works extensively in the Jewish community. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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