Get MORE Done in LESS Time! Time Blocking Basics
By Chana Greenstein

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You know the feeling: glancing at the clock towards the end of your workday and wondering “where did time go?!” So often it feels like days pass us by without significant progress being made on our projects.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Enter… time blocking. A scheduling technique that helps you take control of your time, feel empowered about last minute changes, make progress, and… get more done in less time.

Inside the Complete Time Blocking Kit you get:

8 short videos (8-20 mins long). Approx total running time: 47 minutes.

Including an overview of time blocking, tools to use, how to implement, troubleshooting, and more.

In addition to the videos, you will receive: 3 worksheets and The Ultimate Time Blocking Kit (PDF version)

This course is perfect for the overwhelmed college student, overstretched freelancer, and busy entrepreneur.

NOTE: you may hear mention of Slack in the videos. It’s where my paid membership community, LifeWorks Empowered is hosted. You can disregard it in this course.


What you’ll learn:

– How to schedule your time using the time blocking technique — to ensure you get those important tasks done, sooner
– How to balance being firm but flexible with your schedule
– What to do when you’re thrown off plan with a late start, interruptions, or distractions
– So much more about how to approach building your schedule most effectively!



47 mins





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About the Instructor

Chana Greenstein

Chana Greenstein loves helping women design lives in which they have PLENTY of time (yes, really!) to focus on what’s important, and are present to enjoy each moment.

She’s a serial entrepreneur with a special passion for supporting mompreneurs, host of LifeWorks podcast, and master MagnaTiles architect.

Through 1:1 coaching, her course, and the LifeWorks Empowered membership, Chana has supported dozens of mompreneurs in achieving transformations like these:

“Thanks to time blocking I now work 6 hours less each week!”

“I know that earning isn’t relative to time”

“I actually enjoy being with my kids now”

“I work less, and I made more!”

Chana loves productivity hacks, hot teas, and dark chocolate — and she’d love to hear from you!

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