The No-Shtick Quick and Easy Guide to Investing
By Alisa Avruch

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Do you wish you could grow your money?

Are you thinking of investing but don’t know where to start?

Are you enticed by the stock market but are afraid of the risks of investing?

I get you – because I was once in your shoes.

I had some vague ideas about the importance of investing for the future – but I was clueless about how to make it happen.

Finally, I set out to educate myself – and was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available, causing me to shut down and do… nothing.

Over time, I was able to distill down my newfound knowledge into the absolute bare-minimum information required to start my investment journey, without needing to constantly track the market, make frequent buying and selling decisions, or take undue risks with my hard-earned funds. Then, I was inspired to share what I had learned – because EVERYONE needs to know this.

This course will use simple, lay-person’s language and easy-to-understand visual aids to help you

  • Get a basic understanding of the stock market and how it can work for you
  • Understand how to minimize risk and maximize your returns, so you can start growing your money for the goals that are important to you and your family
  • Get a realistic picture of your prospects for retirement, and learn how invest for retirement tax-free

Most importantly, this course takes you through the 4-step, set-it-and-forget-it procedure for setting up your investments, including

    • Setting up your account with an established online investment platform
    • Selecting your investments
    • Transferring money from your bank account to your investment account, and purchasing the appropriate investment funds
    • Automating your ongoing investments

Approximate running time: 46 minutes

Here’s what people have said about the Investing Course:

"I really enjoyed the webinar. It was very helpful. I also did not think that learning about investing could be fun, but this was actually fun!!"

"Thank u so much for yesterday's class! It was very down to earth and informative.  You did a great job simplifying such valuable info into 1 hr class. Wow! I liked that u were talking from our frum perspective, understand all our issues like tuitions, high rent/ mortgage, weddings." 

"First thing in the morning I asked [my employer] if I can still do [a retirement plan] and I got my husband involved and we  signed up!! And it’s thanks to you!! What a zchus!!" 

Disclaimer: Alisa Avruch is an educated investor, not a financial professional. All investments carry an element of risk, including loss of principle. Past results do not guarantee future returns. Consult your accountant or a financial professional for your personal concerns.


What you’ll learn:

By the time you are done with this valuable course, you will have enough information to sit down, set up your investments, and automate them for the future – all in less than one hour.

You’ll also get a workbook containing the foundational concepts presented in the course, important information for making investment decisions, and resources for further self-education and growth.



46 mins





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About the Instructor

Alisa Avruch

Alisa Avruch is a self-educated investor who is committed to opening the world of investing to all frum Jews, regardless of financial background, income level, or stage of life. Following her own journey to educate herself about the stock market and investing, she distilled the tsunami of information down to the minimal, basic, practical information, to empower every individual and couple to start their journey to responsible and profitable investing.

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