Teachers and Therapists: Teach Social-Emotional Skills!
By Miriam Campbell

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Attention teachers and therapists! Acquire skills to use in every classroom lesson and every therapy session without needing to get Speech Language Pathology and Social Work degrees! In these 6 masterclasses you will get a structured emotional, language, social, and cognitive approach to teaching social-emotional learning in an easy and consistent support in the classroom to the therapy room. When you master the skills, you can train your whole staff in this methodology. It is the cheapest schoolwide SEL program and the most effective. Studies show, naturally integrated SEL is the most effective way to teach social-emotional skills. You will gain access and learn how to take full advantage of the complete set of Skills for Connection Worksheets and will get Review Sheets for quick access to material.

Modules: (Includes some, not all of the topics covered in each class)
Class 1: Developing Self Awareness (includes topics relating to CBT, DBT, Responsibility, Communication, Body Awareness, Flexible Thinking, Growth Mindset, Self Esteem)
Class 2: Identifying Emotions & Body Language (Includes topics relating to Body Awareness, Reading Others, Perspective Taking, Self Awareness, Communication, Body Language, Expressing Emotions)
Class 3: Perspective Taking, Seeing the Other (Relationship skills, communication, Empathy, Respect, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Reading the Other, Conversation Skills, New Client Support)
Class 4: Cognitive Problem Solving (Flexible Thinking, Cause and Effect, Responsibility, Repair, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Addressing Anxiety, Trauma Support, Understanding Environment, Consequences, Repair)
Class 5: Emotional Regulation (Body Awareness, Neuroscience, Skills and Techniques, Supporting Success, Self Esteem, Empathy, Mindfulness, Grounding, Self Healing)
Class 6: Conversation Skills (Topic Maintenance, Asking Questions, Turn taking in Conversation, Picking a Topic)
BONUS CLASS! Behavioral Intervention (Perspective Taking, Topic Maintenance, Picking a Topic, Communication, Language Skills, Problem Solving)

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Disclaimers: These tools are most effective when used consistently. For best schoolwide implementation, train your staff with each construct and follow up with small sessions. Mentioned in this training is the Social Skills Book: Bubble Double, Visualizing Social Skills for Connection available on Amazon.

What you’ll learn:

Practical, easy-to-implement tools for helping your students and/or clients develop their social-emotional-cognitive skills in an organic, entertaining way.

A supportive, understanding approach from a seasoned speech therapist and social worker with several years of experience coaching teachers, parents, and other professionals in building social skills.

Add a new dimension to your classroom and/or therapy room by expanding your toolkit. You’ll make an even greater impact after taking this valuable course!



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About the Instructor

Miriam Campbell

Miriam Campbell, MA SLP-CCC, MSW, is a trained Speech Language Pathologist, social worker, author and teacher. She empowers therapists and teachers with skills to naturally integrate social-emotional learning throughout the school day. The approach she developed, Skills for Connection, is a practical, emotional, language, and cognitive approach to transform conflicts and challenges into learning opportunities. She internationally provides teacher professional development training as well as therapist cohorts to with her ‘Skills for Connection’ technique. Her book Bubble Double has already helped thousands of teachers and therapists introduce social skills and provides a structured fun way to support social-emotional development. She consults parents and professionals with 1:1 social emotional coaching. She can be reached at miriam@skillsforconnection.com.

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