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Teach Playing Piano “By Ear” Like a PRO!

Chaya Licht

Chaya Licht


COURSE description

Hi! My name is Chaya Sarah Licht. I founded Piano Masters to help piano players become confident and effective piano teachers! When I say piano teachers, I mean teachers who can teach students how to play by ear, with the ability to sit down at the piano and play any song that comes to mind with the correct chords and add-ins!

Why is it necessary to have a course to teach players how to teach by ear?
Because teaching piano by notes is easy. The same way you learned is the way you teach! You start with the basic books (John Thompson anyone?) and continue through the levels.

But when it comes to teaching piano by ear, there’s no guidebook and no one specific method. And even more than that, when you learned how to play by ear, it was dependent on 2 things: YOUR ability and your TEACHER’s ability! If you caught on really fast, that affected how you were taught. If your teacher only knew a limited amount, that was what you were taught and that was it! I’m a professional piano teacher and now I’m allowing you in on the secrets to teaching piano by ear.

Giving piano lessons is a lucrative income source, with most teachers taking between $50-$100/lesson. With this course, you can launch a successful career doing what you love–with confidence and great skill!

Plus, I think you’ll enjoy my presentation style. My passion for piano really shines through!

Hope to see you in my course!

What you’ll learn:

You'll come away from this course feeling secure, assured, confident in your craft! In this all-inclusive course for FEMALE piano teachers you'll learn everything, from basics, like how to start off lessons, finger exercises and song ideas, to different genres of arpeggios, troubleshooting common student problems, how to properly teach music theory, building up songs in the left hand (suspended, augmented and diminished chords etc.), how to build up songs in the right hand (trills, harmonies etc.), train students to pick the correct chords, and much much more! A complete guidebook is included, so you can take notes as you watch the classes and always reference back to them. The course includes only Jewish songs, both for yamim tovim and from all the popular Jewish singers. Who will benefit from Piano Masters? Any female who plays piano: 1. Teachers just starting out as well as teachers already teaching will find the course extremely helpful. 2. Anyone who plays music on a basic level and wants to simply up their own level of playing will enjoy and benefit from it too. I love to share what I know and help people become confident in their craft!



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About the Instructor

Chaya Licht

I started giving piano lessons 17 years ago and I’ve given over 6,000 lessons. In the beginning, I did not have much confidence in my teaching. I was constantly worried that I wasn’t maximizing my lessons. With each student, my confidence grew but there was still a nagging feeling that maybe I should be teaching things differently or maybe there are ways to teach more effectively. I started going to other piano teachers, both Jewish and non-Jewish, to learn their tips and tricks, and as the years went by I realized something fascinating. Other teachers started coming to me to learn my methods. Not only that, some of these teachers were star pianists. Their playing was on a concert level! But when it came to breaking it down into clear and effective lessons, they felt lost. After learning my methods, they felt much more confident and expanded their student base dramatically. I realized that there is a huge need for a clear course to help the many piano players out there be able to give over what they know with confidence. There are so many kids (and adults!) who would love to play by ear and there are not enough piano teachers out there! Kids nowadays don’t have the patience and time needed to play piano by notes. Teachers are making between $50-$100 an hour giving lessons, depending on ability and location. The need is huge!

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