Pro Tips & Skills for Sheitelmachers
By Rachel Hyman

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Get this amazing free course, special for SHEITELMACHERS!!

Here are the three videos you’ll have free access to:

1. This tip is such a secret that a sheitelmacher with 25 years of experience reached out to say she HAD NEVER KNOWN ABOUT IT and it completely CHANGED her techniques! Watch this video and discover this awesome secret for yourself!!

2. Expand your professional services by learning how to take in/alter clients’ wig caps with this easy-to-follow video from expert sheitelmacher Rachel Hyman! Your clients will be extra grateful–and impressed!–when you upgrade your salon services to give them this important option that will enhance the comfort and fit of their wig. Enjoy! 🙂

3. Whether you’re an experienced sheitelmacher or a novice who wants to try this at home, this “cold-curl set” is easy to learn and gives you awesome results for your sheitel. A preferred way to set a wig because it avoids heat-damage to the hair, this set gives you an awesome, updated look: a real win-win!

What you’ll learn:

How to alter a wigcap, so simply and easily that anyone can do it!
A wonderful trick that will really update your skillset
How to “cold-set” a sheitel for lasting curls that don’t cause heat damage to the hair



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About the Instructor

Rachel Hyman

Rachel Hyman is a sheitel macher with 22 years’ experience who has been trained by some of the most respected names in the field, including long-term mentoring and instruction from Devorah Leah Adler, from whom she’s earned over 10 masters degrees. She has also trained by Yaffa Wigs, Avi M., Toni&Guy, and Montibello.

In addition to running her own successful sheitel business, Rachel has been teaching students for the past ten years, and has had the privilege to see many of her students go on to build flourishing businesses of their own. Rachel is the founder of Rachel Hyman Academy, teaching professional cutting, styling, dyeing, and more, to students around the world.

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