Positive Parenting in The Greatness Chair
By Devorah Kathleen Friend, MD

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Intro to Positive Parenting in the Greatness Chair ™ - Course Description

Intro to Positive Parenting in the Greatness Chair is an introduction to the two pillars of my Greatness Chair Solution Method- Heart Rhythm Meditation and the Greatness Chair ™ strategy. In this course, you will be taken through a journey to understand the significance of this approach by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the current mental health paradigm and how moving in the direction of seeing strengths and greatness in the greatness chair can yield big dividends for our children and ourselves! Heart Rhythm Meditation is a type of meditation which helps us move into the social engagement network of our nervous system so we can see greatness.

Although this is an introductory course, it is packed full of value. If you do the activities outlined in this class, I have no doubt you will experience transformations in your family. This is the foundational piece of the 8 weeks program outlined in my book The Greatness Chair Solution. If you master the skills in this course and want more, the book is there for you to take it further on your own. You will be capable of this after taking this course.

In my work with parents and teachers, I found they often knew what they were supposed to do, but were unable to implement many social and emotional approaches due to overwhelm and stress. This led to feelings of helplessness and loss of confidence with shame and guilt not far behind. We as adults caring for children need a method to put our own oxygen mask on first and heart rhythm meditation makes that possible. Also we learn to hear the deep voice of the heart to help us anchor our beliefs and ideals into our emotions and bodies.

The heart has a power and we need to use it to help see the truth of our children and ourselves. The mind is a companion but we can widen it with the wisdom in our hearts.

The companion materials for this course are highly recommended and available on Amazon and other on-line outlets internationally in print and digital form:
The Greatness Chair
Sarah in the Greatness Chair
The Greatness Chair Solution

This course consists of 2 modules of instruction, resource sheets and 2 audio guided meditations to introduce you to Heart Rhythm Meditation.

Disclaimer: This course is not a replacement for professional advice for your unique situation nor in any way establish a doctor-patient relationship.

For less than the price of one appointment with me, you can move forward with new concrete tools to help bring more joy and less overwhelm to your family!

What you’ll learn:

Practical, easy-to-follow techniques that will transform your parenting

Meditation exercises to connect you to your own deepest self and to your children

Positive ways of viewing yourself and your child

A reassuring, validating approach that will put you on the path of empowered, compassionate parenting



1.5 hrs





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About the Instructor

Devorah Kathleen Friend, MD

Devorah Kathleen Friend MD, a Child Psychiatrist with over 30 years of clinical experience, is on a mission to change the paradigm in her field and put one million children in the Greatness Chair.

She is the author of two children’s books: The Greatness Chair and Sarah in the Greatness Chair, as well as a book for parents and teachers called The Greatness Chair Solution which teaches a simple, accessible method to bringing out the best in children. The Greatness Chair has been translated into Hebrew and Spanish and will be available in 2023.

Dr. Friend is an author, International speaker, musician and Heart Rhythm Meditation teacher and believes that each of us has a unique fingerprint of greatness that needs to be seen and nurtured.

Her current practice is working with adolescents in a hospital setting.

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