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By Chanie Monoker

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Attention Parents!
Do you wish your child came with a manual?
Are you surprised by your child’s lack of progress?
Perhaps you are confused by the inconsistency in his or her performance and the resistance to learning or feedback?
Maybe you feel overwhelmed, like you are constantly putting out a fire and before you’re done a new one pops up?
Do you have a niggling sense that there is something right in front of you that you're missing, some key that would unlock the mystery to why your child is not behaving or learning as you or their teacher expects?
This inconsistency may have even led you to believe the common fallacy that you are dealing with a behavior problem.
Whether you are a little confused, overwhelmed or actually losing sleep with worry about your child’s development and ability to learn, as a result of this course you will…

  • Learn what your child's behavior really means
  • Understand the developmental process and how your child learns.
  • Be able to figure out your child’s real obstacles to learning and development.
  • Know how to choose judiciously what to focus on and when.
  • Easily and eloquently speak with teachers and other professionals confidently about your concerns and reservations.
  • Plan how to access effective support.
  • Successfully balance all the different things you are being asked to juggle.
  • Infuse your child raising with more HOPE and joy and sleep more peacefully.
  • Have more time to get back to enjoying your child, without the distraction of worry or overwhelm.

Using the power of transparency in combination with an organized framework, parents go from overwhelmed (maybe even afraid) to confident and empowered. There is no longer a need to lose sleep, wishing your child came with a manual.
By acquiring an understanding of the GROWth process through the lens of physiology, using the DAS method, you will remove the guesswork and knowledgeably make informed decisions. As a result you can leverage your efforts and resources for the best outcome possible. We will cover how to facilitate a love for learning and how to best address concerns, all while quieting that scolding voice that says you “should be doing more/better…”. This deeper dive into the learning and development process helps parents avoid the common mistake of dealing with the overt behaviors on a superficial level. As a result the associated overwhelm and frustration is erase. By getting to the root, issues are resolved and related side-effects disappear or, even better, never emerge.

We understand that experiential learning is the best way to learn and you are pressed for time. With these considerations the hands-on exercises for this course are a doable 1 to 5 minutes (depending on the particular exercise) and are built directly into the modules. No need to find additional time to do the exercises, which ensures you maximize your learning in this course.

So let’s get started and Grow Together

What you’ll learn:

  • Identify legitimate red flags
  • Get to the root cause
  • Address issues effectively
  • Collaborate easily and confidently with any professionals necessary
  • Mitigate overwhelm from things such as too many options, misplaced guilt, appropriate expectations and struggles with prioritizing.



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Give the gift they want AND need!
GIFT this quality course to a friend or a loved one!
You can include a personalized note to be sent to the recipient.
About the Instructor

Chanie Monoker

Chanie Monoker, MS, MPh, CCC-A, TEH, TSHH, TDHH, is a developmental audiologist and educator who describes herself as, “a very curious and insatiable learner who loves puzzles.  I have spent the last three decades focusing most of my curiosity on the learning process.  I have more letters after my name than in my name because I collect knowledge like other people collect coins, stamps or cars ;-).
She started out like most teachers, thinking that her schooling in pedagogy had prepared her for the classroom, and was quickly startled out of complacency when working in the classroom.
Then she began asking questions:
How do people learn? 
Why do some people fail to be successful at it? 
How come people can be successful in learning one skill or subject and not another? 
How can they be successful one day and not another? 
What is the best way to teach? 
How to prioritize what to teach when the student or situation limits what you can do? 
How can we maximize what the students learn? 
How can we maximize how many students we reach? 
How can I balance my passion for teaching with my personal needs and my family’s needs? 
By incorporating a combination of clinical and pedagogical training and experience Chanie arrived at a holistic understanding of the learning process.  An understanding that maximizes learning and mitigates the snowball effect when we proceed in teaching before the student is ready for the next stage.  What she discovered was, ironically, we have had the answers all along, but are pulled away from these truths by outside pressure and the shininess of “new”.  People have not fundamentally changed since Creation and neither has how they learn. It is the tools available that has changed. This understanding became the umbrella for the 2-pronged approach to improving learning. 
There is the clinical side, which takes a bottom-up approach to resolving learning differences.  The clinic’s customized tiered level assessments can be found at 
Then there is the academic side, which utilizes a top-down approach.  This  empowers parents and teachers to be better facilitators of learning and stewards of teaching.  These trainings have been improved and expanded over the last 15 years and is copyrighted as the Child First© educational model being brought to you here.

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