Overcoming Procrastination
By Avi Friedman

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Imagine a life where you NEVER procrastinate. Think about what would be possible if you were able to take immediate action on everything that is important for you, your business, your family, and your community. Imagine being in charge of your time, your choices, your destiny.

Now make that dream come true…with this life-changing course!

Overcoming Procrastination is a 6-module course built to help YOU overcome your struggles with procrastination. Designed by a veteran time-management coach to help you boost productivity and get things done, this course gives tools that WORK so you can achieve results FAST! Learn the proven ways to break through hesitations and procrastination to create a new routine of efficiency and success. With these practical, easy-to-watch videos and realistic, actionable strategies, you will easily apply the lessons in this course to take action in both your personal and professional life.

Included in the course are:
6 videos
A worksheet to use as you are taking the course
BONUS! Reference guide to the 10 actionable strategies you can use to tackle ALL the procrastination in your life!

What you’ll learn:

An in-depth understanding of the psychology of why we procrastinate
Practical, robust tools you can implement immediately to overcome procrastination
Ten different strategies for creating change TODAY to stop pushing things off and taking immediate action



1 hrs
17 mins




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About the Instructor

Avi Friedman

AVI FRIEDMAN, of Managed Minds, leverages his background as a therapist in his work as a Time Management Coach for business owners and individuals.

He has helped dozens of clients boost productivity, learn new skills, and kick procrastination to the curb.

Avi’s approach is down-to-earth, compassionate, and eminently practical. Avi works with individuals across all industries, many who struggle with ADHD, who are looking to accomplish more with their life and their businesses.

If you’d like to reach out to Avi for specific questions or to learn more information about his 4-Step Program, contact him at: avi@managedminds.co or send a message on WhatsApp to: 347-531-6057

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