Make Pesach with Peace of Mind!
By Baila Broderick

COURSE description

Does the word Pesach sent a chill of anxiety or apprehension down your spine?
That can change!!

This course aims to provide you with the concepts, tools, and skills to help navigate your way through the many pre-Pesach tasks in a more prepared, organized and calm fashion.
Choosing to take this course is your first step in an empowering journey on your personal road to a more successful pre-Pesach experience.
This course features video classes and worksheets to help organize and plan for the many Pesach-related tasks.

We'll cover:

Session 1 – Welcome
Session 2 – Taking Control
Session 3 – One Step at a Time
Session 4 – Resources
Session 5 – The List Goes On
Session 6 – Moving on
Session 7 – Getting it All Together
Session 8 – Building a Schedule
Session 9 – Be Prepared
Session 10 – Closing

What is CETGO?

CETGO stands for Choice Empowerment Technique - The unique system I have developed to help you choose to provide yourself with opportunities to work towards living a more meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling life. We offer you incredible tools through dynamic and effective video courses built on a helpful coaching model.


Here's what one of our students had to say about what she felt after taking the course:
Rivka: "I was thinking of a mountain climber turning back to look at the view. To see the magnificent achievement, how far I have come, the clarity and confidence I have gained along the way, its really breathtaking! Thank you for coming on this trip with me! I feel that you don’t just stand at the bottom of the mountain and give instructions but mamash climb alongside me and it is really appreciated."

What you’ll learn:

Coaching is about achieving goals we set for ourselves, finding purpose, inner peace and satisfaction. Freeing yourself from unhealthy/detrimental thoughts and taking effective control of your thought process. Understanding your personal life goals and working towards accomplishing them. That’s what I hope to give you in this light yet powerful Pesach-making course!



40 mins





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About the Instructor

Baila Broderick

Baila Broderick is a certified life coach and a CBT practitioner. She has been coaching individually and giving workshops on building and maintaining healthy boundaries, and other life skills since 2014. She is a happy mother of many children and grandchildren and proud of their accomplishments.

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