Learn to Play Piano!
By Chaya Licht

This course is for women only

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Have you always dreamed of playing piano? Yearned to be able to just sit down and play beautiful music? Maybe your child wants piano lessons but you don’t want to invest in expensive lessons because you’re not sure if she’ll end up dropping out? This course is for YOU!

Upbeat, clear, and eminently qualified, Chaya Sara Licht will teach you to play piano right from the comfort of your living room, at your convenience, without needing to go to the trouble of hiring a private teacher and rearranging your schedule–and at a fraction the cost of private lessons! An added bonus: teach multiple family members for the same price!

With decades of experience teaching women and girls, Chaya Sara’s approach is practical and easy-to-follow. In no time, you’ll be playing well-known songs and feeling comfortable on the piano.

You can take this course using a piano or keyboard.

Each lesson comes with weekly practice challenges so you can hone your skills.

Take the lessons at whatever pace you’d like and re-watch as often as needed.

For the price of (on average) 5 lessons, you will receive the equivalent of 11 lessons! In addition, all songs are written out and ready to follow! That’s hours and hours of entertainment!

This course is geared to FEMALES (as it contains kol isha) ages 12-120.

Chaya Licht has been giving piano lessons for over 17 years and has given over 6,000 lessons, giving over her love for music to hundreds of students. She is also the founder of Piano Masters-a course that trains piano teachers to be effective and confident piano teachers.

What you’ll learn:

The names of the piano keys
Scales and octaves
A basic finger exercise to gain malleability
Chords (triads)-major and minor
Sharps and flats
How to figure songs out in the right hand
Basic 3 beat arpeggios
Basic 4 beat arpeggios
The following songs with chords-
I am an Ancient Wall of Stone
Sefer Tehillim
In a Little Town in Poland
Eitz Chayim Hi (Uncle Moishy style)
The Little Bird is Calling
Esa Einai
Hamalach Hagoel
Vezakeini (high)

1, 4, 5 trick for figuring out chords
Weekly practice challenges



2.5 hrs




Original price was: $350.Current price is: $249.

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Give the gift they want AND need!
GIFT this quality course to a friend or a loved one!
You can include a personalized note to be sent to the recipient.


About the Instructor

Chaya Licht

Chaya Sara Licht has been teaching piano for over 17 years and has given more than 6,000 lessons to happy students of every age and stage.

A highly-trained pianist herself, Chaya has studied under the best and brightest teachers, which has prepared her to be a professional, effective teacher. Her method is easy to grasp and enables students to see results quickly, which encourages them to practice and to invest themselves in playing piano.

More than anything, Chaya Sara believes in her students, and her warm, upbeat style cheers them on to success. Hundreds of students have already developed their piano-playing skills and are enjoying the gift of music. Now it’s YOUR turn to learn to play!

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Give the gift they want AND need!
GIFT this quality course to a friend or a loved one!
You can include a personalized note to be sent to the recipient.
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