Learn to Blow Shofar!
By Rabbi Avraham Goldstein

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In ONE hour, you can learn the “chochma”, the unique, special, holy art of Shofar blowing!

This detailed course will teach you how to blow the shofar, with ease, precision, and in a way that qualifies for the mitzvah of Tekias Shofar.

This course is given over by R’ Avraham Goldstein, a sofer sta”m, sought-after mohel, and veteran Ba’al Tokeia at the Central Shul of French Hill in Yerushalayim.

In a clear, easy-to-follow way, Rav Goldstein teaches exact techniques for mastering the Shofar, giving you the secrets to achieving control, pitch, and power. You will also learn all the halachos that pertain to this special mitzvah.

The perfect gift for a bar mitzvah boy and for everyone who dreams of blowing at home, at shul, or as a chessed for the home-bound or hospital-bound! Best of all, this course is for EVERYONE: from the beginner who does not even know how to produce any sound from the shofar, and even for the veteran who has been blowing for years, but may not fully understand what he is doing technique-wise and therefore cannot overcome obstacles that show up during his tekiyos.

The viewer must be equipped with a shofar, and be ready to do a lot of practicing!

This course is also available for Hebrew speakers by clicking HERE!

What you’ll learn:

Many of the practical skills and techniques needed to blow the shofar
The essential halachos pertaining to the tekios



1 hrs
7 mins





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About the Instructor

Rabbi Avraham Goldstein

R’ Avraham Goldstein is a sofer sta”m, a sought-after mohel, and veteran Ba’al Tokeia at the Central Shul of French Hill in Yerushalayim.

He is a graduate of the Ateres Yisroel Yeshiva of Rav Baruch Mordechai Ezrachi zt”l, Brisk and the Mir Kollel.

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