Humor Writing with ZISI NAIMARK!
By Riva Pomerantz

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Get ready to ROLL…and learn the secret sauce of successful humor writing with this masterclass with Binah humor writer and interior designer Zisi Naimark, moderated by Riva Pomerantz.

How can you achieve true humor without falling flat or sounding kitschy? Zisi gives us her winning formulas!

Humor is a wonderful way to bring your writing to life and this hilarious yet extremely practical workshop will give you all the tools you need.

This course is part of Skillnosh Snacks which are replays of recorded zoom classes made available at affordable prices so you can learn for less!

BONUS!! Downloadable PDF with all of Zisi’s secrets so you can refer back and incorporate her practical tools while writing your own pieces.

What you’ll learn:

Step-by-step techniques for injecting humor into everyday situations
How to avoid lashon hara and/or embarrassing people
What topics are taboo?
Avoid slapstick and go for sophistication

And most importantly: how can YOU get ahold of your very own Moth Brooch and Emerald Skirt Set! 😆😁 (Inside joke!! Watch the workshop and laugh out loud!!)



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About the Instructor

Riva Pomerantz

In her own words, Zisi Naimark has a BFA in interior design and not fashion design, and it shows. She has spent over a decade working for high-end firms, including Toledo Geller and Fox Naihem, with no resulting felonies. She lives in Richmond Hill, NY, where she is tolerated by her family and poses no immediate threat to her neighbors.

This workshop was given on Masterpiece: Unite & Write, the only online writing community for frum women around the world, founded and moderated by Riva Pomerantz. Learn more at!

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