Get Engagement! Practical Classroom Techniques to Engage Your Students
By Yoni Schlussel

COURSE description

In this practical, accessible course you will learn novel ideas, tips and techniques that will help you transform your classroom into the dynamic learning environment you have dreamed of. My goal is that you will find students excited to come to your class and be more engaged and inspired by the material.

This course has been developed from the hundreds of hours of I have spent studying from courses, classroom observations, and being coached in my efforts to make my classroom exciting, engaging, and interactive for my students. I have culled these many ideas into easy, clear steps that you can begin to implement in your classroom today. I have taught in a variety of learning environments and will share many practical tips for different ages and settings.

Outline of course videos:

1. Introduction
2. Philosophy
3. Essential Questions
4. Generating Questions
5. Activators/Summarizers
6. "Text to..." Technique
7. Additional Tips
8. Wrap-up

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What you’ll learn:

You’ll learn how to handle students’ questions–even the tough ones!

How to create a classroom environment that speaks to the student of today’s generation.

How to stimulate important conversation–organically and in a fun, engaging way.

How to get your students excited about the material you want to teach them, and about their Yiddishkeit!



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About the Instructor

Yoni Schlussel

Yoni Schlussel is an educator, artist, and writer. She teaches at Torah Academy of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Jewish Day School. She facilitates numerous chaburas for women on Torah and personal development, locally and online. She also directs women’s programming for Congregation Beth Jehudah and is on the Community Planning and Allocations committee for the Milwaukee Jewish Federation. Her writing has been published in the Jewish Press, Binah and Ami magazines and her art has been displayed in the Var Gallery in Milwaukee. Yoni has spent hundreds of hours taking classes and being coached in contemporary teaching techniques and is passionate about helping students thrive and supporting teachers to bring their best selves to their classrooms. In February 2017, the Milwaukee Jewish Federation awarded her the Gil Incentive for Teachers for her Parsha Art Journal Project. She lives with her family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and can be reached at

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