From Existence to Significance: Crafting a Meaningful Life
By Bennett Schwartz

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You CAN change your life!

In this powerful course we are going to be working together to live the most meaningful and fulfilled life possible. We’re going to push ourselves to peak performance and soar past any hurdles to achieve our highest goals!

If you’re looking to be happier, feel better, and enhance your spiritual, emotional, and physical state of being, this is the course for you! With BENNETT SCHWARTZ, a veteran high-performance coach in your corner, you’re sure to succeed. Whether you’re looking to make changes in your personal or professional life, at any age and at any stage, this course is DYNAMITE!

In these five, comprehensive, life-changing modules, you will learn:

Defining a Meaningful Life – How to find what’s meaningful to us.
Unlocking Fulfillment – How to feel fulfilled while doing the things we want to be doing.
The Positive Lifestyle – How to cultivate a life of joy and Excitement
Always Be Growing – How to make sure we’re always getting better and reaching higher.
Unleashing Your High Performance Potential – Learn what Habits will help you perform at the top levels.

Throughout the 5 modules you will be given practical skills to be able to learn everything that you will need to be able to live your best life possible. Bennett’s style is reassuring, clear, and extremely motivational, and this course will get you the results you’re looking for.

Let’s get on the journey and start creating the life you want!

What you’ll learn:

· 5 Modules with a total of38 Lessons
· Downloadable worksheets for homework assignments
· Up to 6 Hours of Content that you can watch and re-watch at your convenience
· Guided step-by-step format to start living a fulfilling life



5 hrs
24 mins





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Give the gift they want AND need!
GIFT this quality course to a friend or a loved one!
You can include a personalized note to be sent to the recipient.
Give the gift they want AND need!
GIFT this quality course to a friend or a loved one!
You can include a personalized note to be sent to the recipient.
About the Instructor

Bennett Schwartz

With over a decade of experience in the field, High Performance Coach Bennett Schwartz has worked with clients of every age, from young adults to owners of multi-million dollar companies, helping them achieve their greatest potential. His engaging, down-to-earth style and the clarity and vision he imparts empowers clients with the necessary knowledge and skill to quickly and permanently transform their lives.

Bennett is the creator of NexGen Navigator, a revolutionary coaching accelerator program that empowers young adults to learn essential life skills for building a great future.

A sought-after motivational speaker, Bennett has been invited to speak to a wide variety of audiences, including the United States Government, the Orthodox Union, and high-profile companies looking to invest in their employees’ success. He has also spoken at events together with Rabbi YY Jacobson, Dr. David Lieberman, Gedalia Fenster, Ira Zlotowitz, and others. Bennett leverages his profound passion and skill in guiding clients to reach their greatest potential, breaking down complex concepts into simple, actionable steps for maximum results.

In addition to his work as a high-performance coach, Bennett is also a multi-faceted individual, successful entrepreneur, and content creator. He is the author of Lost, Then Found, where he discusses many of the techniques and tools he uses with his clients. His newest book, Famous Gemaras, will be released in early June and sold in Jewish bookstores around the world. He received his semicha from Rav Zalman Nechemya Goldberg, shlita, trained to be a sofer sta”m, and previously served as Dean of Students for a prominent high school.

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