Eight Weeks to Permanent Weight Loss
By Basya Kovacs

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I really applaud you for looking into this course, and I’m excited for you to be on this journey with me! Interestingly enough, while the struggle with food and weight can be painful, it can also be a MASSIVE CATALYST for true inner healing and growth.

I created this course based on the understanding that the answer to losing unwanted pounds is NOT about finding the perfect diet. Having a comprehensive framework is certainly part of it. But I have learned that true, lasting weight loss is about so much more:

✅It is about shedding any disinformation or limiting beliefs that have accumulated over the years.

✅It is about getting to the heart of what holds us back or derails us.

✅It is about learning to regulate our emotions and about discovering what brings us joy.

✅It is about managing expectations, building resilience, and handling disappointment and frustration when things don’t go as planned or as quickly as one hoped.

✅ It is about moving out of stress, anxiety, and fear into a place of courage and power.

✅ It is about taking responsibility, making commitments, owning your story, and creating habits that last so you can live the life you deserve.

Here’s what you can expect in this course:

Introduction: Understanding Portion Control
Manifesting Success and Minding our Language
Breaking down barriers and Creating a POWERFUL vision

Week 1: Getting Motivated and Staying Motivated
The 3 Secrets to Staying Motivated
How to handle the weekend like a pro

Week 2: Overcoming Obstacles
Q and A with Basya – your 10 most common questions, answered
Name it to Tame it!
Homework: Uncovering and Transcending our Self Limiting Beliefs

Week 3: Personal Responsibility and Goal Setting
Taking Radical Personal Responsibility
Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals as a key to success
Homework: Tapping into your Personal History and Rewriting Your Story

Week 4: Navigating the Nonroutine
A weeks and B weeks explained + how to navigate the nonroutine parts of life
Mindsets surrounding the scale and how to choose what’s best for you
Your Troubleshooting Guide
Homework: Laying the Framework for your New Habits

Week 5: Empowerment
How to BECOME EMPOWERED in The Moment of Struggle
Taking ownership of our journey on a strategic level
Homework: Empowering your Thoughts During the Moment of Challenge

Week 6: Understanding Hunger and Emotional Eating
Identifying the difference Hunger, Cravings, and Emotional Eating + How to Navigate Each
Managing our Emotional World + The Secrets to Handling Emotional Eating
Powerful Visualization Techniques to Manifest Your Success
Homework: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Week 7: Embracing Challenges
Embracing our Challenges – A Paradigm Shift
Personality Profiles that Affect your Journey, + How to Transcend
Homework: Powerful Tools for Mastering how we Think, Feel and Act

Week 8: Building Lasting Mindsets
The 6 Powerful Mindsets that will Fuel the rest of your Journey

Over the course of these 8 weeks you will have a coaching experience that allows you to take control, get unstuck, and transform.

With a clear strategy, a customized game plan, and a willingness to put in the work, you will succeed!

With over a decade of coaching experience I have developed a formula that works. I have helped clients just like you to meet their goals using systems that have been proven effective.
Are YOU Ready?! Let’s make it happen!

The food plan on this program has been reviewed by Registered Dietician RENA COHEN of www.sanctuarycoaching.ca and we are grateful for her professional input and expert advice.



I yoyo dieted for almost 20 years before I found my way to Basya. I lost 14 pounds in 8 weeks while taking her course. It has been over a year, and I haven’t gained any weight back. Her approach is sustainable, enjoyable, and gentle. Wish I had taken her course sooner!
Ruchy M. Monsey NY

There are many wellness coaches that know much about nutrition, exercise, and health. But rare is a wellness coach like Basya, who has a deep understanding of all of those areas, combined with a deep understanding of people…She has the ability to empathize, yet lead one to their goals in a recipe for success, emotionally and physically.

Debbie Selengut, Kalla Teacher PassaicNJ

When I signed up to work with Basya, I was skeptical. I figured it was just another diet, more of the same. I wish you could hear my passion as I say the next few words – there is something unique about Basya’s approach! Much of what I learned from working with Basya was life changing and mind blowing. What is obvious to her, probably should have been obvious to me all my life. But… it wasn’t. 🥴

Basya’s commitment to the truth and her determination to help people succeed is quite impressive.

Shifi Lieberman, LMFT

Basya’s course didn’t just help me lose weight. It completely transformed my relationship with food. I used to have a love-hate relationship with food, and often saw it as a fearsome enemy. I now see food (all food!) as a welcome friend, and I have so much peace surrounding food. Thank you Basya!

Malky L.
Baltimore, MD

What you’ll learn:

Powerful tools for changing your mindset
A comprehensive eating plan that has been reviewed and endorsed by a leading dietician
A down-to-earth, doable approach that takes into account your needs and lifestyle
How to cope with eating on the weekends, on special occasions, and when you’re out of your schedule
A healthy approach to weight and the scale



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About the Instructor

Basya Kovacs

Basya Kovacs is a transformation coach and is the founder of BKCoaching. For the past 14 years she has been helping men and women just like you embrace and overcome their fears, break the status quo, reach higher, and show up POWERFULLY in their lives.

Basya currently runs a private practice where she coaches clients 1:1 as well as in a group setting via zoom. She is also a highly sought-after motivational speaker and facilitates at events and retreats.

Basya also hosts a weekly podcast called Rise.Shine.Grow, and most recently, authored a book entitled “Brain Reframe” – the 52 Habits of the Highly Effective Dieter – available everywhere Mosaica Press books are sold!

In her spare time Basya enjoys traveling the world, reading self-help books, and listening to music. She also enjoys swimming, sports, and physical activity but does NOT like the gym!

Basya grew up in Chicago and currently lives in Clifton, NJ with her husband and 5 incredible children (KH).

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