Doula Me a Favor! Learn to Support a Loved One in Childbirth
By Shoshana Steiner

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Learn to support a daughter, a sister, a friend or a neighbor during the miraculous birth process, with experienced doula Shoshana Steiner!

The course is made up of three modules, each one lasting about a half hour.

Module 1: Gaining Understanding (includes 11 handouts)
Some topics covered:
*How the uterus works
*The effect of fear on labor
*Breathing techniques
*The Mind/ Body Connection

Module 2: Hands,Heart, Mind, and Soul (includes 12 handouts)
Some topics covered:
*massage, pressure points, Essential Oils, Benefits and how-to of movement
*holding space for the family, listening and tuning in, allowing for that space movement
*Staying in the moment, setting birth goals
* the spiritual aspect of birth

Module 3: Practically Speaking (5 handouts)
Some topics covered:
*taking care of yourself as the support person
* working together with the spouse, especially if you are a relative
* communicating with staff, whether a homebirth or hospital setting
*Processing the birth.

In these three modules, you’ll gain an understanding of birth, the physiological and emotional aspects, how you can support the couple, learn and apply new skills, and also review some you instinctively know… And how to be practical, realistic, and process the journey. You will also have access to helpful handouts which help guide you throughout.

*Disclaimer: Taking this course does NOT certify you as a birth doula. This course is intended to educate about the birth process, comfort measures, and the ability to support a relative or friend. You are not medically trained with this course. Men and women alike may benefit from this course.

What you’ll learn:

You will gain an understanding of how to navigate conversations with the staff and the spouse, and how to show up to the birth as someone who helps support the family in the way they want to be supported. You will learn some practical hands-on techniques, and be able to be a better support both emotionally and physically, and have an overall understanding of the mind/body connection during birth.

If you have been asked to attend a birth, whether as a family member or a friend, know that you play an integral role! What an honor!



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About the Instructor

Shoshana Steiner

Hi, my name is Shoshana Steiner and I have been a birth Doula for over 12 years.
I am a Childbirth educator, and I specialize as a HypnoBirthing Instructor. I am a Dancing For Birth Instructor and Trainer. As a teacher and a certified Transformation Life Coach, I incorporate all the skills that I have learned into my services.
Through listening to the needs of the greater community, I am excited to share this course with you.
My most important job is being a wife and a mother to a large family, and they are my daily motivation and supporters!
My passion lies in empowering families to have a positive birth, regardless of the type of birth they experience. The birth of a family is a life-changing journey, and it is an honor to be a part of your journey!

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