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Learn from a legend in the world of Jewish music! Ari Goldwag, renowned for his best-selling albums, hit songs, and music videos, now invites YOU to join him in his studio! Whether you’re a hobbyist or on your way to building a career in music, this hands-on course, packed with practical tools and insider tips and techniques, will help you meet your music goals.

With nearly 35 years of professional involvement in the Jewish music business, and the production of over 25 albums, Ari Goldwag is uniquely suited to teach the secrets that will help you expand your music from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. His powerful ideas have been culled from his years of experience in the industry so you can save yourself heartache, trial, and error.

Course contains these segments:

Class 1 – Expanding Your Music – Accessing Siyata Dishmaya (Running time 46:13)

Class 2 – Creating Better Songs – Finding the Music Within (Running time 46:40)

Class 3 – Producing and Releasing Your Song – Secrets from the Producer’s studio (Running time 48:35)

Total running time: apprx. 2 hrs 20 minutes



“After composing Lo Yaavod [for Shwekey], Riboin [for Beri Weber], and a few other songs, I began to lose patience due to the typical frustrations composers experience. After working with Ari, I got really motivated to compose again – he has a great understanding of music composition as well as the ins and outs of the Jewish music industry. He’s also an amazing coach.” – Yossi Muller (longtime composer)

“[Ari] was able to guide me, almost step by step through the processes of creating and releasing my first song. Then, song by song, I gained the skills and confidence to trust my own musical instincts and ear to be able to do much of the album on my own.” – Cypora Perr (composer/singer who just released the album “Running on Faith”)

 “As part of my search for my way in the complex world of music, Ari was a beacon of light that helped me better understand the space. More than once when I felt confused, I would call Ari and he would guide me with patience from his extensive experience and his Yiras Shomayim. I often recommend to musicians who are looking for their way in the world of music – go meet Ari Goldwag!” – Yedidya Yehoshua (Rebbe, and Composer of many songs including the song Eliyahu Hanavi)

“Ari has helped transform my singing from being a hobby with potential into a recording artist. I was a raw musical amateur when I first met Ari, without proper vocal training or marketing skills, and he has helped me achieve success, whether it be with helping my voice development, music and video production, or marketing the songs to reach thousands and millions of replays.” – Nesanel Life (Composer of the song Ah Ahalela – sung in duet with Ari)

“A year and a half ago I consulted with you [Ari,] about composing songs as a hobby. You gave me several pieces of advice… Indeed, with Siyata Dishmaya, I composed a number of songs – two of which were published (and were not just left for the Shabbos table…)” – Eliyahu Dweck (Israeli composer)

What you’ll learn:

Learn how to make better, catchier tunes
Understand the secret of great lyrics
Know what topics to write about and what to use as the foundation for your songs
Find out how to create awesome music tracks for your songs
Learn how to get your music heard by a broader audience
Above all, learn how to access the Siyata Dishmaya that makes it all possible



2 hrs
20 mins





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About the Instructor

Ari Goldwag

Ari Goldwag has been creating music for close to 35 years. Starting his professional career as a soloist for Miami Boys Choir at the age of 9, he began composing and recording his own songs at that age as well. Ari released his first solo album in 2003, and has produced more than 25 albums over the last 20+ years. His video channel on YouTube has had over 27 million views. Besides for his music work, Ari has been giving an audio Parsha Podcast for over 15 years, and has focused on the powerful concept of Bitachon, creating many podcasts on the subject over the years. He has writes extensively and released a Torah based book entitled “Perfectly Imperfect.” His experience in Torah knowledge and the Music business combine to form a powerful and inspiring message.

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