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ADHD Mums! Get Your Laundry DONE!

Faigy Liebermann

Faigy Liebermann


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Is Mt. Washmore taking over your life?

Want peace of mind around laundry? This ground-breaking course, designed especially for people with ADHD, breaks down the entire laundry process into bite-sized, doable elements, giving you loads of understanding and clarity. Never look at your laundry the same way again!

ADHD moms with or without ADHD children constantly live with the intense daily pressure of feeling they need to excel and constantly expecting to fail. They are tormented every day and live with crippling shame, intense guilt and anxiety. They constantly feel frazzled and unable to explain why their dumb ADHD brain that won’t focus, to those who need to know. It’s totally draining. This is where this course comes in.

Everything from setting goals to setting up a laundry center, from sorting to drying, and even sustaining your new habits–it’s all in here, made specially for you!

As a side benefit, in addition to learning how to tackle the piles of laundry, you’ll learn vital ADHD life skills to create your successful ADHD life.

This course is intended as a self-help resource for people with ADHD and is accredited by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH.)

The course includes 5 pdf downloads that you can refer back to whenever you need to.

Transform yourself with this comprehensive course! The knowledge and practical tips here will transform how you think and feel, empowering you and giving you the confidence and skills you need to manage the laundry in your home.

What you’ll learn:

- Practical, easy-to-implement tools that will help you tackle your laundry from start to finish - A calming, reassuring, down-to-earth style from someone who's "been there, done that" - 5 downloadable pdfs to further concretize the ideas you learn - Everything you need to know about yourself, your laundry, and more!



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Faigy Liebermann

There is very little information regarding the Social Science behind ADHD. There is even less information on the nitty gritty, hand-to-hand combat tools that you need to support your ADHD life. There is almost no information about why the recommended ADHD skills work. I created my courses to fill this huge void. As a Professional Organizer and certified ADHD Coach, (and a person with ADHD myself, whose 5 children also have ADHD!), I saw the huge changes that my clients created, and maintained, not just for one day, but for years. I realized that the simple ADHD truths and tools that I shared with my clients were actually profound wisdom. I’ve invested years of my life to fill this gap so that ADHD moms like you can finally stop suffering and start creating the life you can only dream of.

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