Parents! Boost Your Child’s Social-Emotional Skills!
By Miriam Campbell

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Research shows that the most effective way to teach children social-emotional skills is in REAL TIME! That means parents need to be empowered with clear tools how to do this! In this 6 module course, you will learn the tools to support your child's skills with the following:

Modules: (includes some, not all of the topics covered in each class)
Week 1: Developing Self Awareness (includes topics relating to CBT, DBT, Responsibility, Communication, Body Awareness, Flexible Thinking, Growth Mindset, Self Esteem)
Week 2: Identifying Emotions & Body Language (Includes topics relating to Body Awareness, Reading Others, Perspective Taking, Self Awareness, Communication, Body Language, Expressing Emotions)
Week 3: Perspective Taking, Seeing the Other (Relationship skills, communication, Empathy, Respect, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Reading the Other, Conversation Skills, New Client Support)
Week 4: Cognitive Problem Solving (Flexible Thinking, Cause and Effect, Responsibility, Repair, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Addressing Anxiety, Trauma Support, Understanding Environment, Consequences, Repair)
Week 5: Emotional Regulation (Body Awareness, Neuroscience, Skills and Techniques, Supporting Success, Self Esteem, Empathy, Mindfulness, Grounding, Self Healing)
Week 6: Conversation Skills and Behavioral Intervention (Perspective Taking, Topic Maintenance, Picking a Topic, Communication, Language Skills)

Purchase of this course includes viewing privileges for both parents plus downloadable worksheets, review sheets, and practice exercises.

Disclaimers: These tools are most effective when used consistently. For best implementation, watch one recording a week. Practice it as many times as possible.

Directions: Watch one class a week to give you time to practice the new tools as you learn them. Use a computer or a tablet to see the visuals. Print out each class's worksheets to have in front of you while you watch each class. Fill out the worksheets as you learn and collect ideas for your family. Consider the many examples given and pause the video to write down personal situations and ways to implement the skills for your child. Immediately try out practice examples to implement the skills learned.

See you inside!
Miriam Campbell
Founder of Skills for Connection

What you’ll learn:

How to help your child RIGHT NOW, with clear, step-by-step directions and handouts, to learn how to communicate, understand feelings, and get along with peers and grownups

How to understand your child’s difficulties and navigate solutions

How to bolster your child’s independence and confidence

How to improve and enhance communication between you and your child

How to support your child’s feelings in a validating, nurturing way



5 hrs
45 mins





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About the Instructor

Miriam Campbell

Miriam Campbell, SLP, MSW, harnesses cognitive, language, emotional and social components to support our children’s internal and interpersonal skills. Miriam Campbell utilized her training and experience as a Speech Language Pathologist, Social Worker, teacher, author and parent to empower parents and professionals with skills to nurture social-emotional development. Benefit from her passionate and engaging trainings, her practical and insightful consultation, or reserve a session to gain skills and direction with supporting your child or classroom. Thousands of teachers, therapists and parents have benefited from Skills for Connection trainings, coaching and materials. Let’s support social-emotional development now!

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