Learn to Draw Portraits!
By Dena Ackerman

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When you draw a tree or a bowl of fruit, no one will notice if you add a few branches or change the size of the grapes.
But when you draw a human face, every detail needs to be right. This is the unique challenge of drawing portraits, but also what makes it fun and exciting!

Do you want to draw….
• Realistic pencil or charcoal drawings?
• Portrait paintings in watercolor or oils?
• Illustrations for books or comics?

Regardless of your final goal, you will achieve significantly better and more interesting results when you’ve mastered fundamental portrait drawing.
The best illustrators and cartoonists are intimately familiar with the shape and structure of the human head, allowing them to draw it convincingly at any age, from any angle, with any expression!

And great portrait artists understand that through the portrayal of the human face, we can convey the entire range of human emotions and experiences.
A portrait is more than just a record of what someone looks like, it tells us who they are.

How do we imbue our drawings with character and emotion?
We start at the very beginning, learning the proportions of the head, how to construct it from any angle, and how to accurately draw in the facial features.
Once we understand the fundamentals, learning to draw accurately and with confidence, the spirit of the subject will be revealed.

If you struggle with drawing faces, or want to understand what you are drawing instead of just copying, this course is for you!


It’s fascinating to me how so efficiently and so clearly this was explained. English is not my first language yet it was so easy to absorb. I really appreciate it.

-Clara Wasserstein

Wow, you simplify everything I was trying to figure out since my doodling days in school. I never knew that drawing faces had a method. I always thought you have to just figure it out yourself. You are beyond talented because not only are you a natural, but you can break it down step by step and normally, those who it comes natural to, can’t “explain” how they do it.
I feel like I’m a new person! Thank you so much Dena!!
-Rena Skydell

What you’ll learn:

• A simple, logical approach to drawing accurate portraits.
• The structure, measurements and proportions of the head and face.
• Tips and technique for drawing individual features (eyes, nose, mouth, hair, etc)
• How the facial structure changes from baby to child to adult
• How to achieve a good likeness when using photographic reference
• Printable guides and fun drawing exercises to help improve your skills!



6 hrs
30 mins





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About the Instructor

Dena Ackerman

Hi! I’m Dena Ackerman, a fine artist, illustrator, writer, and art instructor, specializing in portrait art and illustration. I have illustrated over 30 books and created hundreds of custom paintings for private collectors, businesses, and magazines.

With ten years of teaching experience in private groups and at the START Academy of Art in Beit Shemesh, I delight in helping students acquire confidence, build essential skills, and enjoy the learning process.

I believe in building a strong foundation of drawing and painting skills in order to open up the vast, exciting world of artistic expression. Through art, we share our experiences, thoughts, and observations about life. Learning to draw and paint will give you additional means of self-expression; one more way to make the world a more beautiful and meaningful place.

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