Memory Matters: Why Did I Come to the Fridge?!
By Rena Yudkowsky

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Where are my keys?
What did I come to the fridge for?
Did I take my meds today?
Did I put the salt in this recipe?
Wondering if you are too young to be this forgetful?
Scared that these “senior moments” might mean something more serious?

Join Rena Yudkowsky, MSW, Memory coach and CEO of Memory Matters to feel empowered and calmer about your memory concerns. Learn 4 proven techniques to improve focus and memory so that you can stay sharper longer. Using the acronym TEAS, geriatric social worker Rena Yudkowsky will teach you some simple tips that really work! This is a 4 module course geared for any age.

Bonus included: 3 fun brain exercises to do anytime anywhere to challenge your brain!

What you’ll learn:

Why multi-tasking is tripping up your brain.

Why you open up the fridge and can’t remember what you came to get.

How to use mental images to remember where you put things.

How your environment can impact your ability to remember.

How to be more mindful of what you are doing.

How to use your senses to remember where you put your keys and whether you locked the door.

How to challenge your brain with 3 fun brain exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime!



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About the Instructor

Rena Yudkowsky

Rena Yudkowsky, a professional memory coach and geriatric social worker, is the founder of Memory Matters. She teaches online memory improvement courses to mid-lifers and seniors. Over the past twenty years in the field, she has served as the director of an Alzheimer’s unit in an assisted living facility in Maryland, the director of development at a senior enrichment program in Israel, trainer for dementia caregivers, facilitator of support groups, and international lecturer on aging topics. She has taught memory courses for the Geriatric Institute of Yad Sarah in Israel and developed the Snoezelen room for Melabev. Currently, she is the memory coach for an international anti-aging clinic where she does 1:1 coaching and is working on a comprehensive program to prevent dementia.

She is super passionate about her mission of helping those 50 + to age more healthfully, both physically and cognitively, as she empowers them to believe in their own memory with confidence.

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