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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to take advantage of this opportunity?

All highly-experienced, talented, frum creatives, male and female, who deliver high-end, engaging, professional content in video form that is tailor-made for the global frum community. We are open to featuring all arenas, from cooking and gardening to writing and editing, painting, needlepoint, cake decorating, crafting, and music. You can also market your courses that deliver professional instruction in a creative arena, such as a graphics design course, a copywriting course, or a course in interior decorating, for example. We are open to hearing all your great ideas!

There is no minimum or maximum limit on how many lessons your course must contain. Courses can be comprised of one, single, dynamite workshop (eg. “Write a Blockbuster Resume Today!”), or they can be made up of dozens of modules/lessons. While courses should be given over in video format, accompanying print materials such as handouts are definitely a bonus and can be uploaded to the e-learning system easily and quickly.

Who sets the price for the course? I understand that there’s no fee to sign up. What’s the catch?

You set the price for your course based on several factors, including the going rate for your type of course, the years of experience you have in the field, your name recognition in the frum market, and your overall approach to price-point. Some course creators want to aim high and go for a more premium brand, whereas others prefer to make their course more affordable to target a potentially larger market. Skillnosh will reach out to you to re-price your course if we feel it is priced too high or too low, always taking into account what is best for you, the course creator, as well as maintaining the integrity of the Skillnosh brand and the good of the customer.

Currently, we are offering a special promotion for Instructors, a deal that couldn’t possibly get any sweeter. You pay NO setup fees, NO hosting fees, NO onboarding fees, and have NO exclusivity arrangement, which means you can continue to market your courses on your own personal website. Furthermore, you get FREE advertising, FREE exposure, FREE setup of your courses and instructor page and ZERO accounting fees! Is it too good to be true? Not at all! It is our intention to keep costs down for course instructors for as long as possible, which is a great incentive to get in on the ground floor of this amazing opportunity!

We only make money when YOU make money. Skillnosh takes a 25% commission of every course sold. Your percentage of sales is paid out to you via Paypal by the end of every month. US citizens will be issued a 1099 form for taxes.

We do reserve the right to change the terms at any time, at which point you will be properly notified and can make an informed decision about how to proceed. At Skillnosh, you can be sure that 100% integrity and transparency inform the entire company and brand.

Who is your target audience and how do you intend to reach them?

Great question! We are targeting a very wide range of customers that span the length and breadth of the frum spectrum. This includes Chassidish, Yeshivish, YU, and Modern Orthodox communities and everyone in between. Our target market is frum people who want to learn high-level material from the comfort of their home without compromising on their values and principles.

In addition to the religious spectrum, we want to be sure to reach all those people who could benefit most from a frum learning platform, such as homeschooling families; individuals who have limited accessibility, are homebound, hospitalized, or in insolation, as well as frum people who live in communities without access to frum instructors.

We will be advertising Skillnosh on several different platforms and in various forms. Our current advertising campaign will likely consist of strategic ads placed on Yeshivah World News, Imamother.com, and BetweenCarpools.com, but our strategy could change at any time. Our course creators are expected to advertise their courses to their own audiences as well so we can build an organic, cross-pollinated community where we grow and prosper together.

Do I need to have my courses filmed and edited professionally?

The short answer is No.

If you have a well-prepared outline, a friendly, poised presentation style, and the right equipment (lighting, webcam, microphone if necessary), you are welcome to film your own course. Please be sure that your appearance is polished and professional and that your surroundings are clean and aesthetically pleasing. If you encounter any bloopers during filming, you can edit them out with a free video editing program if necessary.

If you’d like some hand-holding and professional help videoing or editing your course, we have a list of recommended professionals who will be offering their services at an exclusive discount for Skillnosh instructors.

This sounds like something I’d really like to do, but what I do is very “intuitive”. I don’t know that I can necessarily teach it to others methodically. It seems overwhelming and almost impossible for me to make it into a formal “course”.

This is a common concern, so you’re definitely in good company! The fact is that transitioning from “doing” to “teaching” can be difficult to quantify. Here are some pointers for you:

– Watch yourself. Study what you do almost like you’re a fly on the wall observing your process. Take notes on how it works for you and see if you can break down the steps you take when you do whatever it is you do.

– Try making a practice video where you don’t plan beforehand but just ramble about what you do and how you do it. Pretend you’re talking to a young child and trying to explain what it is you do. That can help you formulate your process into simpler language and you may be surprised to find yourself actually pretty good at this teaching thing!

– Don’t limit yourself to a specific length for your course. Start planning a one-session masterclass that’s an overview of what you do, or your “best tips and tricks” in your field. Once you dive in and actually get working on this you may find that your “single masterclass” turns into an entire ten-module course!

– Have someone interview you about what it is you do. It can be a family member, a colleague, or a friend. Through the process of being asked pointed questions, you may find that you can actually pinpoint your process and turn it into a course. The rest, as they say, is all downhill from there!

How do I prevent people from stealing my content?

Anyone who has ever put any kind of content into the universe, whether it’s a digital or physical product, a book, an article, a contract, a CD, a photograph, a drawing, or even a website knows that the moment it leaves their hands it is susceptible to being stolen, duplicated, plagiarized, repurposed, and vandalized. That’s just the harsh reality of putting anything of ours into the public domain. In today’s world, content is often downloaded and copied unlawfully.

Can we give you a 100% guarantee that no one will screen-record your course? Unfortunately, we can’t, and we’re not going to pretend that we can because we pride ourselves on being above-board and honest. To illustrate the reality: Even YouTube, owned by Google, which is arguably the biggest, most powerful company on the Planet, cannot do anything to stop the theft of their videos!

That said, Skillnosh will do EVERYTHING in our power to keep your content safe, secure, and locked down tight for sale. We use the highest levels of security on our site, maintain and develop all our software so it is updated and fully encrypted, and we are making all courses non-downloadable so that customers must watch their content solely on our portal.


Is Skillnosh open only to big, famous experts in their field?

Skillnosh is open to any and all frum experts in every field imaginable, whether you are an engineer or a sheitel macher, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an artist, a therapist, a yoga instructor, a make-up artist, an electrician, a writer, and literally any other professional, creative, service provider, and/or expert. Even if you have no formal training in a specific field but you have plenty of life experience and wisdom to give over, you may create a course for Skillnosh. The “secret sauce” for what we are looking for is:

– Well-organized, valuable content

– A compelling, engaging, clear teaching style

– Confidence, competence, and expertise in your field

– High quality video and audio

– Auxiliary materials such as hand-outs, quizzes, certificates, מראה מקומות, diagrams, worksheets are definitely a plus

I notice you say that creators must be “frum”. How do you define the term?

We are intentionally leaving this term open-ended since, by definition, it is a concept open to endless interpretation. However, we would quantify some prerequisites in the following way:

– You must be known in your community to be an individual who abides by Torah law

– You should dress in a manner that is halachically appropriate

– Your language should be respectful, clean, and dignified

– Your views should not contradict commonly held beliefs that are widely considered to be contemporary Da’as Torah

– Please note: We skew “right” to accommodate the potential customers with the highest level of sensitivity. We expect female instructors to fully cover their hair, collarbone, elbows, and knees. Male instructors should be dressed formally. Secular sources may be quoted but they should not reference movies, pop culture, or controversial or inappropriate topics. We shy away from using expressions such as “Oh my G-d” or “What the heck”. Many of our customers keep Chalav Yisrael, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of creating a cooking course.

– If you are unclear or need further clarification on this point, please reach out to us at info@skillnosh.com.

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