An entrepreneur

Hi! I’m Riva

an entrepreneur, life coach, and author of fifteen bestselling books.
I’m also a frum woman and the lucky mother of seven beautiful kids, baruch Hashem.


Behind Skillnosh

As a birthday gift, I got a subscription to a well-known learning platform and I enthusiastically dived into a course from a celebrated chef. But I couldn’t even make it through the first five minutes because every other word out of his mouth was obscene. Got me thinking: why not give quality content without the junk?

 Covid struck and the whole world suddenly discovered how much could be done from the comfort and safety of our very own living rooms. E-learning exploded. “Zoom” became a household word. As we all “pivoted”, possibilities came to the fore. I began offering more writing courses and workshops. Something was coming together in my mind. Something big.

After scrapping three prototypes, endless hours of consulting, brainstorming, planning, designing, and collaboration, Skillnosh was finally born. I’m beyond excited about this incredible opportunity to change the lives of both course takers and course makers. The frum world deserves quality brain food without the junk. So start noshing today!


Why Skillnosh

Skillnosh because the global frum community deserves high quality, professional courses without compromising on our principles and standards.

Skillnosh because you want to broaden your horizons, learn new skills, develop your interests, and feed your brain.

Skillnosh because life is busy and you want to learn at your convenience, from your very own living room.

Skillnosh because you’d love to learn from the best and brightest professionals, service providers, and creatives in the frum world today.

Skillnosh because we’re committed to providing the most state-of-the-art, easy-to-use experience and we’re not happy unless you’re ecstatic!

Skillnosh because we’re building a beautiful, sustainable ecosystem where frum course creators inspire and prosper by empowering their students to thrive and flourish


What people are saying



“Thank you for doing this, Riva. It’s such an important project and a big Kiddush Hashem! We live in kind of a remote location and to get access to these kinds of frum instructors is a real treat!”

“I’ve been wanting to do something like this for so long but I could never fit it in. Now I can finally take a course at my own pace, on my own time, and it’s impacting my life so powerfully!”


United States


United States

“This is so amazing that you are providing this opportunity for a frum learning forum! I am so excited to be joining!”

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